Girl,Are You Discerning the Religous Life ?

Discerning the religious life, is kind of like being bipolar sometimes. At least that’s how it feels for me. I felt my calling to become a nun about two years ago, and I’m still not sure if it’s right for me. My first initial reaction to the call was total denial. I thought to myself “It can’t be a calling to be a nun, I want to get married and have children!” I have always wanted to be married and have that traditional huge Catholic family. After being in adoration one day, I finally came to terms with the idea I might not be called to the marriage life, and that there is nothing wrong with the idea of me becoming a nun. I realized that becoming a nun would be totally awesome, I mean after all you would have the perfect husband (Jesus). I told my family about the calling and some were so excited for me and others were less than excited. My mom was so happy that I felt a calling to be a nun she started crying when I told her, but at the same time my dad was not thrilled with the idea at all. I kind of got a really mixed reaction to it, some people were for it, some were against it. When it comes to discerning you shouldn’t worry about what other people want or even what you want, it’s about what God wants. When I first felt the call I thought that it meant I had to go run off to join the convent right away and it really freaked me out! I realized that you don’t and these kind of things can take time and lots of praying. I was also freaked out because it’s been my dream to become a nurse since I was born. I wanted to go to college so bad, and I thought that becoming a nun would make me not go to college, but in reality I was so wrong. There are nun orders where they are nurses, teachers, principles, etc. So right now I’m planning on going to college and getting my degree in nursing, and then if I’m certain about becoming a nun join an order at that time. Discerning can take years before you decide! If you are discerning a religious vocation, I really suggest you visit different orders and attend vocation retreats! Talking to nuns , and see what their experience was like is really helpful too. Find a spiritual/vocation director! I found these videos very helpful to me, these girls are postulants for the Daughters of St. Paul, check it out! etP3mQ Another great website to go to is , it’s a great website for discernment!If you have any further questions feel free to email me at!

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