12 Christian/ Catholic apps you need to have!

Hey guys, Michael here!

If you’re like me and love to use your phone/tablet as a mobile ministry; do I have great news for you! I’ve made a list of my favorite 12 apps to help you in your walk with God. These apps help me to stay on my toes with all things Jesus related and I’m sure they can help you too!

1.) Laudate! This is probably the best app to ever be created in the history of forever. It has everything a Catholic could ever need: a pray along rosary, liturgy of the hours, Mass readings, the catechism, and so much more!

2.) the Bible app from YouVersion. This is a great Bible app for anyone. It has a bunch of different Bible translations, devotionals, prayer challenges and it’s a great way to read your daily Bible passages while on the go.

3.) Twitter. You’re probably thinking “why twitter” well, it’s a great way to share the Gospel to literally millions of people all at once. You can follow great Christian accounts and even the Pope! How awesome is that? I know for me, it’s been a huge help to be able to surround myself with other devout Christians from around the world.

4.) iBreviary TS. This is actually a new app for me and I already love it! It has a bunch of prayers, the Missal, lectures, rites…anything you can think of, all in one app!

5.) Athlete’s Blueprint. For all you athletes out there, this app is for you! It has devotionals dedicated for athletes, prayers for practice, in competition and is a great way to play all for Him!

6.) RC Calendar. This calendar is all things Catholic! It has feast days, important dates and lays out the liturgical year in and easy to read, comprehensive calendar!

7.) Mass Times. Have you ever gone on vacation or traveled and wanted to go to Mass but didn’t know where the nearest church was or what time Mass started? Not anymore! With this app you can type in your location and it will bring up the nearest church and all the Mass times available!

8.) Steubenville. Have you heard of, or been to a Steubenville Youth Conference? If so, you know what I’m talking about. If not, it’s a great Catholic Youth conference with events all summer, around the country. In this app you can relive the experience by watching the speakers again, listening to the praise music and so much more!

9.) Pandora Radio. This is my favorite way to listen to my favorite Christian songs. Just pick an artist you like and enjoy! My favorite is Tenth Avenue North radio! Go give it a try! After all, “singing is twice praying” -St. Augustine!

10.) iCatholicFM. If you love listening to Catholic talk radio, then this app is a must have. It gives you a great listening experience and has numerous channels to keep you wanting more! It has plenty of podcasts and stations from around the country.

11.) Magnificat. This app has all the things you need to strengthen your prayer life. With numerous prayers for each day, you will better your relationship with God and yourself!

12.) The Pope App. If you love Pope Francis, this app is for you! It has photos, videos, news, and messages straight from his holiness! Relive events from WYD and follow our Pope in his daily prayer life!

There you have it, my top 12 apps for every Christian/ Catholic! If you have any apps that you like, please share them with us on our twitter: @ThisCatholicGen

May the Lord’s peace be with you,

Michael Arch!



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