You are not alone.

I just want to post and say you are beautiful inside and out. Don’t let others tear you down. I get insecure, we all do but just remember you are loves by God and He made you perfect. God doesn’t make mistakes.

I will honestly tell you that I get insecure too. I always think oh my gosh she is so pretty, prettier than me. I will admit I have self image issues. I just try to remind myself that God loves me but life ain’t easy. Some days will be better than others. Some days I feel great about myself others not so much. I just try to stay positive.

I will also say that I feel out of place a lot. When I am with my friends I am okay but with new people it is terrible. I always feel like I talk too much or I am just the odd ball out.

The reason I wrote this post wasn’t to rant about my problems it was just to show you that we all have things in our life we need to over come. This is just mine. If anyone ever needs to talk I am just an email away at
By the way you should smile more it looks good on you! 🙂

Love you and God Bless


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