Respect of Marriage

Our current generation has different opinions about relationships, including marriage. People tend to think that the other person is to fulfill their own needs. One thing that really is sad is when genders debate which gender is better. Relationships, including marriage, should debunk that debate. For God made each gender to fulfill what the other lacks. God has a specific plan, and of course He executes it to perfection.

The story of Genesis is a perfect place to start. In the garden of Eden, God first created inanimate objects, in which He was not satisfied. Then plants and animals, which He also was not satisfied. He then created the man, God knew that this human being was close, but He still was not satisfied. God then creates, out of the rib of man, a woman, Eve. Then He was completely satisfied.

This story in Genesis shows one crucial idea that all people should know. Women are the pinnacle of creation. For only with the woman, out of the side of man, was God completely satisfied. This is an important idea to contemplate. Women are the most beautiful creations of God. God meant for women to be looked upon as beautiful and as an image of the beauty of God. However, God meant there to be mutual respect between the man and the woman. They are meant to complete each other. The two masterpieces of God are meant to be together. For without women, men cannot perfectly carry out the will of God. If God wanted just men, He could have stopped after Adam, but that is not the case. He knew that the woman would play a crucial role in salvation history. This union between a man and a woman would forever shape the world. God knew what He was doing, and He did it to perfection.

Another interesting point to look at is how each gender compliments the other perfectly. Out of the rib of Adam, God created Eve. Women are meant to be the ribs of the family. They are meant to protect the inner core just as ribs protect the vital organs inside the human body. Just as the bride of Christ, the Church, protects the most sacred truths that are only found in the church. Women, the ribs, protect the heart and soul. They love the family as only mothers can. Now the men are the arms. They do the labor that the woman can’t. They do the work. Just as Jesus went out to the world and told of His bride, the men go out to the world to provide the necessary needs for their bride, for the man completes the woman, and the woman completes the man.

Marriage can only be between a man and a woman. God intended it to be that way and it only makes sense. Marriage is respect. Respect for the other. Respect for their children. Respect for the way that God created it to be. This translates to everyday life. If men do not respect women like a man respects his wife, the perspective of marriage is lost. And so I challenge you all, especially guys, do you respect women as you should? For the debate between genders is there, but women are the pinnacle of creation. Why? Because God knows that only with women, can His will can be put forward.

May He forever be with you!!

Vincent D


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