St. Monica

St. Monica of Hippo was alive during the mid-300s. Her parents gave her hand in marriage away to a pagan, Patricius. He constantly criticized her for being charitable and believing in Christ. He had a temper and was violent. St.Monica prayed for him, instead of getting upset with him. St.Monica’s prayers and example lead her husband finally be baptized. She also inspired her mother-in-law to be part of the faith.St. Monica also had 3 children. The oldest son, Augustine, was living an immoral life. He believed in the heresy Manichean. This upset St.Monica,and she had a vision of her son coming back to the faith. After the vision she prayed for Augustine every day after! Finally 17 years later,Augustine converted to the faith. Augustine became a Doctor of the Church and a saint! St.Monica is a great example for us to pray for others conversions. Never give up on someone, continue to pray for them! If you are praying for a conversion, try offering up a rosary for the person. The rosary is known as Mary’s lasso! St.Monica pray for us!



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