Modesty for guys!

Modesty for guys is a little bit different than girls…I know, double standards suck, but sorry girls, that’s just the way it is. I think the biggest issue for guys in not maintaining our own modesty but rather, rejecting the social norm of women not being modest. What I mean by that is, we should not promote women being immodest and we should promote modesty for women. Guys, let’s be honest for a second here; yoga pants, bikinis, skin tight dresses that barely cover anything all look great on women, I don’t know a guy that would say they don’t, but here’s where our modesty comes in. WE SHOULD NOT LUST AFTER WOMEN AND WE SHOULD SEE THEM AS TEMPLES OF GOD!!!! We should respect women and want to see what’s on the inside, not lust after them based on what’s on the outside. Women should dress modestly not only for their own self respect, but to respect us men because lust is a very hard thing to deal with, it really is. If women want to be respected and not viewed in lustful ways, then they should respect themselves and the male population by dressing modestly.

Modest truly is hottest. I don’t want to be distracted by what’s on the outside. I want to see how a girl represents God and I want to see her for what’s on the inside.

Guys, we too can dress modestly. In the video it talks about cut offs and it’s funny, I get it but we can take that advice. I’m not saying to not wear a cut off, because I wear them all the time when I run or work out. I would say to not flaunt your body. I mean come on, I know I look great without a shirt on and my muscles are huge (jokingly) but that doesn’t mean we should attract women based on our body and our body language. Girls should see God in us and want to make us more holy and we should do the same for them.

Here’s my advice in three quick sentences:

1.) Men, promote women being modest and learn to respect them for their love of God.

2.) See their body as a temple of God and control your own lust.

3.) when you see a girl who dressed modestly, complement her, it will promote modesty and boost her confidence in dressing modestly!

Until next time,

God is always with you,



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