Vincent de Paul

September 27th is the feast of Vincent de Paul, my patron saint. He is an unbelievable saint and I can’t even comprehend all that he has done for me. Vincent had an incredible life of serving the poor and the homeless and he is known as the saint of charity. I am not going to focus on his life at this point. I am going to focus on a few quotes from him and how they relate to our lives now.

” He sends us to go out as His apostles, to carry this fire everywhere, His divine fire, the fire of His love.”

Simply amazing, Vincent is telling us with the most precise instructions, go and carry the fire of love. Not just our love, but HIS love. Carry the FIRE of HIS love. God’s love is so amazing and perfect that the flame is always burning in our hearts. Vincent is telling us that we need to take this fire to the world.

“If we are really called to carry the love of God far and wide, if we are to enflame the nations with this fire, if we have the vocation of setting the whole world on fire, if it is so, I say, if it is so, then how much I myself burn with the fire first!”

We are called to carry the love of God. We are called to enflame the nations. But we have to be enflamed  with this fire. We have to be so enflamed with the love of God that everywhere we go, the heat of His divine love is felt. Our heart must be completely engulfed with His love, that we have no choice but to share it with the world. Vincent is giving us a great instruction. To examine our hearts, figure out if we are ready to enflame the world.

Vincent said,”We have to be consumed for God.” Are we consumed for Him. Is our heart set on fire by His love? He sends us out as Apostles, will we engulf the world with His divine fire?

St. Vincent de Paul, Pray for us!


With great Joy,



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