What should I wear to mass?

Have you ever wondered how should I dress for church? Why should I have to look nice? Or wonder why can’t I just wear my pajamas to church because God will love no matter what I wear? Well I’m going to tell you this, you can wear what ever you want to Mass. God will love you even if you wear pajamas or sweatpants to Mass. The thing is though, wouldn’t you want to dress up? At Mass Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist and we receive His body, blood, soul, and divinity. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the fact that Jesus will be physically present at Mass, I don’t want to be wearing sweat pants. Wearing nice clothes to Mass is also a form of reverence and respect to Jesus. If you were going to see your favorite celebrity, you would try to look your best, so why not do that for Mass when your Savior will be present? Dressing up for church, isn’t just for the old ladies who go to Mass everyday, it’s for everyone. Next time you go to Mass, show some reverence and dress up! Okay, so now that my little rant is over I’ll get to the good part, the do’s and don’ts of what to wear to church:

Girl Do’s: Wear modest clothing. (See Modesty for Girls for further detail) Dresses. Skirts. Black pants. A nice pair of jeans. Keep it classy.

Girl Don’ts: Wear a shirt that shows a lot of cleavage . Wear a dress that looks like you’re going to the club(no hoochie dresses). Wear short shorts. Wear leggings without anything over them (LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS). Yoga pants. Reaaallly short skirts.

Guy Do’s: wear a polo. Slacks. Nice pair of jeans. Nice shirts. Sweaters. Suits. Keep it classy.

Guy Don’ts: wear basketball shorts. Wear a shirt with an offensive graphic on it. Have your boxers show.

Much love,
Angie Merici


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