All Saints Day, All Souls Day and Our Holy Obligation

All Saints Day (Solemnity of all Saints) is a time to honor all saints, known and unknown. The occasion arose in the early Christian tradition from the honoring of martyrs every year on the day they were martyred. Towards the end of the Roman Empire, martyrdoms  increased and to allow honoring of all saints and martyrs, known and unknown, All Saints Days was created. Today, we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st and this is, in the Catholic Church, a Holy Day of obligation. So what is a day of obligation? You guessed it, it’s a day to go to mass to show our honor and respect for all those saints! We should all make an effort to attend Mass on these days of obligation, not because we have to, but because we want to. We should want to show our appreciation to the saints who have prayed for us and guided us throughout our life.

Here’s a great article:

All Souls Day is celebrated on….TODAY!!!! yay! Be sure to set aside some time to faithfully pray for those souls who have departed and have not been purified and reached Heaven. “The Church, after rejoicing yesterday with those of her children who have entered the glory of heaven, today prays for all those who, in the purifying suffering of purgatory await the day when they will be joined to the company of saints. At no place in the liturgy is stated in more striking fashion the mysterious union between the Church triumphant, the Church militant and the Church suffering; at no time is there accomplished in clearer fashion the twofold duty of charity and justice deriving for every Christian from the fact of his incorporation in the mystical Body of Christ. ” Jesus has grated us so much joy and on these two days, it’s time we shared that joy for our departed brothers and sisters!

As always, stay blessed and stay loved!



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