Father Forgive Me For My Awkward Sins

We all sin. We all aren’t perfect. That’s why Jesus gave us the gift of confession! Confession is amazing,but sometimes when we go through an examination of conscience,we come across those sins that are awkward to confess. For example, I had a boyfriend and we “passionately kissed” and I knew I had to confess it, but for me it was sooo awkward. I was like how do I tell this man who is celibate that I was passionately kissing my boyfriend. I was thinking to myself “Umm if I confess this then I’m going to just say it in the middle so he doesn’t really notice it.” I was really freaking out. So I went into the confessional and I was confessing my sins,and then I said it. And guess what? The priest treated that sin like any other sin. It ended up not being that awkward, and you know what? I was forgiven. So if you come across an awkward sin like passionately kissing, masturbation, having lustful thoughts,or anything else you think is awkward, don’t be afraid to confess it!! Don’t worry if you think it’s awkward, it’s probably only awkward to you. The priest has heard lots of sins,and the sin that you think is awkward he’s probably heard many times before! It’s actually a sin to purposely leave out a sin during confession!! Don’t be afraid to confess those awkward sins!!

“The confessional is not a torture chamber but the place in which the Lord’s mercy motivates us to do better.” -Pope Francis

“In failing to confess, Lord, I would only hide You from myself, not myself from You.”
–St. Augustine

“At the time of your examination(of sins) beware of the devil that ties your tongue.”
–Saint Josemaria Escriva

Much Love,


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