Jesus, I trust in You

“Will I choose to continue to trust Him?” “Do I just give up now and forget Him?”  These two phrases has been floating in my mind all day today because Lord has tested my trust in Him. Something that I placed my complete trust in Him on fell through and didn’t work out. I was devastated when I found out.  When I found alone time,  I became the little child crying out to their parent. “Why did you do this? I don’t understand? I needed this. I thought I was doing what You wanted me to. Why am I struggling?” .

Being a disciple of Christ is NOT easy whether you are following His will or not. I’m unfortunately learning this the hard way.  But I can approach this in two ways: 1. continue to trust Him and treat this trial as a spiritual exercise that will ultimately make me stronger in my faith. Or 2. throw my hands up and say “see yeah. It’s all me now. I’ll do this on my own”.

Now, number 2 doesn’t sound like a great idea so I guess I’ll go with number one. Continuing to trust in Him.  It will be hard but I know it’s the right thing to do for my life and my relationship with Jesus.

Jesus never said following Him would be easy but He did promise that it would be fulfilling and eternal. So as you encounter trial, continue to trust in Him and believe that He will help you.
Stay His,

Faustina Bernadette


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