Dating as a Catholic.

Dating. Ahh yes, boys and girls you are going to want to read this.
As you get older you start to spiritually mature as a person. Everyone matures at a different rate. You can kind of compare it to puberty how it is different for every person and is never the same. One of the biggest things you will go through on you spiritual journey is the transition from single life into the dating world. At first it can seem scary but trust me you will persevere. I am sure even persists have had relationships before. Although for some at this transition may not feel a call to dating life, be open to what God has in store. It is perfectly okay to have never had a date before. I personally have never had a relationship, I am going through the same things you are. I am figuring this whole dating thing out as you are I just thought I would share some things I have learned so far!
Just think about this, some saints are married 😮. I know shocker right? The Catholic Church isn’t against dating like she is not against sex. 😮 The church is only against it if it is for the wrong reasons. Here are some tips for your transition:
1. Be happy without a boyfriend or girlfriend. Too many times I see people have their sole happiness dependent on a guy/girl when in reality your happiness is through Christ and a relationship should just be a blessing and someone to share God’s love in a different way then normal. So be happy with your life and fall in love with our savior. Let God be your rock and let your special friend be there to share his love and remind you about his love when you are down. A relationship with God at the center be number one.
2. Find your morals. What do you stand for? What don’t you stand for? There are some stages of dating and the first relationship or flirtationship you have will most likely not be your sole mate it takes time. Also, I have discovered that when you are starting to date you will sometimes find your morals. I had a flirtationship with a guy who was an atheist. He was a sweet guy and so thoughtful and caring there was nothing wrong with him being an atheist. I accepted him and he accepted me and my religion, that’s what we are called as Christians to do! While going through this relationship I realized how important God was in a relationship and I figured it out, it is all a process.
3. Figure out what you look for in the opposite sex. Honestly you are never going to find that perfect person. There will be some give and take but you have to make sure the things that the things you definitely must have are in the relationship. Like my story above I know I need a Christ centered relationship,
Now it is time go out and date. Meet some people, flirt a little. You are not going to marry every single person of the opposite gender that you flirt with. Just make sure God is in the center. Dating is a good way to help strengthen your morals and maybe even find ones you never thought were important. The Catholic Church believes that you should be dating but only to lead to marriage. This does not mean that date you went on a week ago that didn’t work out is now a reason why you are sinner, you are not. Dating is not wrong when it is for the right intentions. You meet a member of the opposite sex and you get to know he/she and it doesn’t work out. It’s okay it happens life happens as long as you are just dating to hook up with them but to see its potential marriage.

So as I end this post I wish you luck. I hope that the dating world doesn’t scare you too much. Also don’t feel left out if you want to go into religious life or stay single that’s okay too. If God made us all the same with the same exact life we wouldn’t be blessed by communities with so many different gifts.

God Bless
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