Hey guys! I prefer to stay anonymous for this blog, so my name is Ioannes Pavlvs II, or y’all can just call me JP II after Pope John Paul the Second:) I am from the Dallas/ Ft Worth area of Texas about to be a freshman in college! I am a huge fan of playing many sports, but soccer is my main love! I am the type of person who is feeling called to married life, but I will be living out my Catholic faith to no end regardless! I was born a Roman Catholic, but really didn’t start coming into my faith until about a year and a half ago. So anyways, this blog is meant to answer questions, comments, concerns, and maybe even prayers. I love having discussions with others about their faith as well as the importance of Catholicism in today’s world. I will be discussing a wide variety of topics, all of which relate back to the faith and teachings of Jesus Christ, but the main ones I will be discussing are those on social issues, such as modesty, tattoos, drugs and alcohol, sex, contraceptives, abortion, gay marriage, and non-believers. I love my mother church, and anyone who wishes to talk with me about it, agreeing or disagreeing, will be met with civil, respectful discussion. Thank you guys so much! God Bless

-His Hands and Feet, JP II

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