Michael Arch

Michael Arch

Age: 20
Occupation: Student/ Research Assistant
Major: Pre-med
Hobbies: Track and field, youth ministry, reading, quiz game shows, extreme stunts that typically end bad, target shooting, frisbee, watching endless hours of pointless tv, twitter, blogging, and being able to say the ABCs backward faster than forward.

About me:
I’m always super positive about everything and have great outlook on life, but don’t let that fool you, I’m incredibly goofy and awkward but make the most of it! I’m a huge fan on never growing up, because adulthood is overrated! I love being Catholic and fall more and more in love with it everyday! I am currently discerning the call to priesthood but if that isn’t God’s plan I’d love to have a big family and be involved in youth ministry!

People I look up to:
Pope Francis
My priest
Jackie Francois
Jefferson Bethke
Righteous B
Paul J. Kim
Jeremy Camp
My family

Contact information:


Go follow us on twitter: @ThisCatholicGen

Feel free to email me questions, comments or just to say hey!
Peace be with you,


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