Widows and Unborn babies. They relate.

There are many stories about widows and as the stories describe, they are looked down upon. In those times, however, widows didn’t have a voice in society. It was the husband that usually spoke for the wife and since widows didn’t have husbands, their voice in society was taken away. This sounds a lot like the voice that unborn babies have in today’s society. Nonexistent. And not because they physically cannot talk but because society doesn’t see them as important. They are look down upon because they are voiceless.

I am reminded of the parable in which Jesus told in Luke Chapter 18: 2-5 (NASB) and it starts like this:

“In a certain city there was a judge who did not fear God and did not respect man. There was a widow in that city, and she kept coming to him, saying, ‘Give me legal protection from my opponent.’ For a while he was unwilling;” (Lk 18:2-4).

See, widows didn’t have legal rights either just like unborn babies in this society. The judge didn’t listen to her because he didn’t care and viewed her as unimportant. Since unborn babies physically do not have a voice yet, Pro-lifers do the talking for them and lately, society/government views them just like the judge, unimportant. Let’s keep reading:

” . . . but afterward he said to himself, ‘Even though I do not fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow bothers me, I will give her legal protection, otherwise by continually coming she will wear me out” (Lk 18:4-5).

The widow was persistent. She knew what she wanted and she was determined to get it. As Catholics, we should also be persistent like the widow on behalf of unborn babies because we believe that life is God’s own property; sacred from the moment of conception and shouldn’t be controlled by human beings (CCC 2270).

This year is the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade and to this date over 55 million babies have been killed by abortion.  January 22, 2014 is not only the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade but also the day that hundreds of thousands of people are marching to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. praying and rallying to show that Abortion is an unjust act to innocent people and should become illegal. If you are interested in joining the march in Washington D.C. click here to view details.

If you can’t make it to the Washington D.C. rally, look to see where a pro-life rally is being held in your nearest city. Be like the widow and be persistent in wanting protection over the opponent abortion. Please pray for all of the rallies, babies, the hearts of the people in Office  and the abortionists.

Stay His,

Faustina Bernadette

“Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” – Proverbs 31:8


Modesty for guys!

Modesty for guys is a little bit different than girls…I know, double standards suck, but sorry girls, that’s just the way it is. I think the biggest issue for guys in not maintaining our own modesty but rather, rejecting the social norm of women not being modest. What I mean by that is, we should not promote women being immodest and we should promote modesty for women. Guys, let’s be honest for a second here; yoga pants, bikinis, skin tight dresses that barely cover anything all look great on women, I don’t know a guy that would say they don’t, but here’s where our modesty comes in. WE SHOULD NOT LUST AFTER WOMEN AND WE SHOULD SEE THEM AS TEMPLES OF GOD!!!! We should respect women and want to see what’s on the inside, not lust after them based on what’s on the outside. Women should dress modestly not only for their own self respect, but to respect us men because lust is a very hard thing to deal with, it really is. If women want to be respected and not viewed in lustful ways, then they should respect themselves and the male population by dressing modestly.

Modest truly is hottest. I don’t want to be distracted by what’s on the outside. I want to see how a girl represents God and I want to see her for what’s on the inside.

Guys, we too can dress modestly. In the video it talks about cut offs and it’s funny, I get it but we can take that advice. I’m not saying to not wear a cut off, because I wear them all the time when I run or work out. I would say to not flaunt your body. I mean come on, I know I look great without a shirt on and my muscles are huge (jokingly) but that doesn’t mean we should attract women based on our body and our body language. Girls should see God in us and want to make us more holy and we should do the same for them.

Here’s my advice in three quick sentences:

1.) Men, promote women being modest and learn to respect them for their love of God.

2.) See their body as a temple of God and control your own lust.

3.) when you see a girl who dressed modestly, complement her, it will promote modesty and boost her confidence in dressing modestly!

Until next time,

God is always with you,


Modesty for Girls!

Ah Yes the lovely conversation of modesty. This post is mainly geared towards girls because I am a girl. Before I get into the topic of how to dress modest and being modest I am going to talk about the decision to become modest.
Well I will admit something I wasn’t always modest. I was somewhat modest. It was like I was but at the same time I wasn’t. Somethings I used to wear I just think back and I am like why did I wear that? I used to dress in tight clothing. I also tried to get a guys attention with my body language. I did it because I wanted attention from guys. I felt unloved because I have never had a boyfriend before. I just wanted to feel loved and appreciated. That was until I turely discovered my savior and his love for me, which wasn’t until recently. That was when I decided that modest is something I wanted to be.

I never really became a true catholic until a couple of years ago. I was practically a creaster and I only when to church while I was in CCD. While I was in one of my last CCD classes before I went into my church’s confirmation program I started to love my faith. Before I hated CCD and I thought it was pointless. I never regularly received the sacraments , only when I had to. Then the spark was ignited. I started to lector and I went on this amazing retreat that my confirmation sponsor helps run, which helped me deepen my faith even more. Then I was still strong I read the bible occasionally and prayed a bit I went to reconciliation during lent. I went on the same retreat that helped me deepen my faith even more. Then I had a falling out. I hit rock bottom. I still loved my religion but there was something missing . I lost the joy in my religion. I wasn’t praying, it was rough. Then I started to hate myself. I hated my body in the way that I was too fat and I didn’t look right in clothing. I felt unloved because I had never had a boyfriend. I felt neglected by guys. I would think to myself why am I single, why have I never had a boyfriend. I would wonder is it because I am fat(now I know I am not), is it because I am in color guard, Is it because I act differently and I am loud. I would start trying to get guys by my body to get their attention because that is they way to get a long lasting relationship, right? Wrong.
Then I feel in love with my savior and everything changed. I struggled with self confidence issues but I don’t really have them anymore. I finally realized that God loves me no matter what I look like and I love him. I have changed in so many ways I don’t use vulgar language anymore at all, I just don’t feel the need to. I also know that God loves me and I am not neglected, I am saved. I discovered God made me perfect. I can look in the mirror and call myself beautiful. And now to the point of this story I dress modestly now. I realized you don’t need to sell your body to get a man, I am done being an object of lust(yes Greece came into my head too). Now I know the right guy will love me for my spirit.

Modesty is more than just the way you dress. Your body language and things you say also should be modest. Here is my tips for modesty in clothing

Shirts: Basically shirts should cover your chest and midriff. I love spaghetti strap tank tops for see through shirts and other shirts that need it. Also scarfs are amazing.

Pants: Pants and sweat pants should not be skin tight and look like they were painted on. Yoga pants or leggings should not be worn in public as only pants. I mean I have yoga pants and I will wear them to dance and bed or to a friends house for a sleepover but other than that don’t wear them. Jeans are okay. I wear the boy jean from American Eagle they are great but I get the long ones because the regulars are too short for me.

Shoes: Most shoes are pretty modest. I believe heels are modest when worn with the right outfit.

Skirts and Dresses: All maxi dresses aren’t modest. I know shocking. The only way maxi dresses aren’t modest it when they are too tight, low cut, see through, or have cut outs. I love dresses and skirts as long as the top isn’t too low cut, it is not too short and it is not tight. A good length I would say is knee or like a few inches above the knees is a good length. If you have a dress that is too short skirt extenders work great or what I do sometimes is I will wear the dress with a pair of leggings.

Shorts: I was once told that if you put your hands to your side in fists it is usually a good length for shorts. Again also if they are not too tight.

Bathing Suits:I don’t think bikinis are modest. Some one pieces are modest others are not. Use your discretion. No exposed chests or butt checks.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at adelaideburgan@gmail.com!