Catholic YouTubers

Let’s face it, we all have those days where we spend hours on YouTube going from video to video to get a good laugh. But what if some of this time were spent growing in your understanding of the Faith? Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels to get you started. Feel free to comment your own favorites and to check out for a wide range of other young Catholics.


I have been following her channel for quite some time, I have to say I really enjoy listening to what she has to say. Her passion really comes through in her videos and she covers a wide variety of topics ranging from apologetics to the Latin Mass, etc.


One of my newer favorites is SheSpeaksWithWisdom. She does a great job in keeping you updated on her discernment, which is helpful for anyone thinking about their vocation. My favorite video though is “Keeping the Faith in College”, probably just because its so applicable to my life right now!


These two sisters are awesome. They make video on their devotions to different Saints and so much more. Their background knowledge and understanding of the writings of the Popes and Saints is well beyond their years. They definitely encourage me to keep digging into my faith!

Steubenville Conferences

If you want to watch a talk by Mark Hart, Leah Darrow, Jackie Francois, or another great Catholic speaker, this is an all in one stop. It has talks from all these speakers at different conferences. My favorites are watching the Women’s Sessions by Leah Darrow and Jackie Francois!

Jason Evert

You’ve probably already heard of Jason and Crystalina Evert, but I just had to include this channel anyways. Tons of great videos on chastity and Theology of the Body!

Word on Fire

If you are in the mood to focus on a video with a greater amount of theology then I would suggest videos by Fr. Barron. This priest focuses on different issues in society, movies, Pope Francis, etc.

I hope you enjoy these channels! And remember there are so many more!

Comment with some of your favorite videos and channels!

God Bless!

Lucia J. Francisco