God is Greater

Take a second and think about this statement “God is greater than me.” Really think about that. God is greater than any one of us. God is more powerful, more amazing, more almighty, and more righteous than any of us. God is the Alpha and the Omega. God is greater than family, friends, food, self harm, depression, awkwardness, and anxiety. God is greater than anything in the world.

God deserves our undivided attention,and we should always work on being closer to Him. We can get closer to Him through prayer, the sacraments, and reading scripture.God wants a relationship with you! God should be first in your life, and be loved by us.

He has given us so much, and loves us so much that He died for us! “He loves all of us as if there were one of us.” -St. Augustine. He gives us blessings all the time, that we take for granted, for example school, food, water, shelter, and family. People are praying for the things we take for granted. God gives us so much, and all He wants in return is our love.
God is good, all the time. Remember to say thank You to Him for all of the things He has given us! God is greater than anything. God loves you.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good,His mercy endures forever.”-Psalm 118:1

Much Love,


Father Forgive Me For My Awkward Sins

We all sin. We all aren’t perfect. That’s why Jesus gave us the gift of confession! Confession is amazing,but sometimes when we go through an examination of conscience,we come across those sins that are awkward to confess. For example, I had a boyfriend and we “passionately kissed” and I knew I had to confess it, but for me it was sooo awkward. I was like how do I tell this man who is celibate that I was passionately kissing my boyfriend. I was thinking to myself “Umm if I confess this then I’m going to just say it in the middle so he doesn’t really notice it.” I was really freaking out. So I went into the confessional and I was confessing my sins,and then I said it. And guess what? The priest treated that sin like any other sin. It ended up not being that awkward, and you know what? I was forgiven. So if you come across an awkward sin like passionately kissing, masturbation, having lustful thoughts,or anything else you think is awkward, don’t be afraid to confess it!! Don’t worry if you think it’s awkward, it’s probably only awkward to you. The priest has heard lots of sins,and the sin that you think is awkward he’s probably heard many times before! It’s actually a sin to purposely leave out a sin during confession!! Don’t be afraid to confess those awkward sins!!

“The confessional is not a torture chamber but the place in which the Lord’s mercy motivates us to do better.” -Pope Francis

“In failing to confess, Lord, I would only hide You from myself, not myself from You.”
–St. Augustine

“At the time of your examination(of sins) beware of the devil that ties your tongue.”
–Saint Josemaria Escriva

Much Love,

All Saints Day, All Souls Day and Our Holy Obligation

All Saints Day (Solemnity of all Saints) is a time to honor all saints, known and unknown. The occasion arose in the early Christian tradition from the honoring of martyrs every year on the day they were martyred. Towards the end of the Roman Empire, martyrdoms  increased and to allow honoring of all saints and martyrs, known and unknown, All Saints Days was created. Today, we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st and this is, in the Catholic Church, a Holy Day of obligation. So what is a day of obligation? You guessed it, it’s a day to go to mass to show our honor and respect for all those saints! We should all make an effort to attend Mass on these days of obligation, not because we have to, but because we want to. We should want to show our appreciation to the saints who have prayed for us and guided us throughout our life.

Here’s a great article:


All Souls Day is celebrated on….TODAY!!!! yay! Be sure to set aside some time to faithfully pray for those souls who have departed and have not been purified and reached Heaven. “The Church, after rejoicing yesterday with those of her children who have entered the glory of heaven, today prays for all those who, in the purifying suffering of purgatory await the day when they will be joined to the company of saints. At no place in the liturgy is stated in more striking fashion the mysterious union between the Church triumphant, the Church militant and the Church suffering; at no time is there accomplished in clearer fashion the twofold duty of charity and justice deriving for every Christian from the fact of his incorporation in the mystical Body of Christ. ” Jesus has grated us so much joy and on these two days, it’s time we shared that joy for our departed brothers and sisters!

As always, stay blessed and stay loved!


What should I wear to mass?

Have you ever wondered how should I dress for church? Why should I have to look nice? Or wonder why can’t I just wear my pajamas to church because God will love no matter what I wear? Well I’m going to tell you this, you can wear what ever you want to Mass. God will love you even if you wear pajamas or sweatpants to Mass. The thing is though, wouldn’t you want to dress up? At Mass Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist and we receive His body, blood, soul, and divinity. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the fact that Jesus will be physically present at Mass, I don’t want to be wearing sweat pants. Wearing nice clothes to Mass is also a form of reverence and respect to Jesus. If you were going to see your favorite celebrity, you would try to look your best, so why not do that for Mass when your Savior will be present? Dressing up for church, isn’t just for the old ladies who go to Mass everyday, it’s for everyone. Next time you go to Mass, show some reverence and dress up! Okay, so now that my little rant is over I’ll get to the good part, the do’s and don’ts of what to wear to church:

Girl Do’s: Wear modest clothing. (See Modesty for Girls for further detail) Dresses. Skirts. Black pants. A nice pair of jeans. Keep it classy.

Girl Don’ts: Wear a shirt that shows a lot of cleavage . Wear a dress that looks like you’re going to the club(no hoochie dresses). Wear short shorts. Wear leggings without anything over them (LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS). Yoga pants. Reaaallly short skirts.

Guy Do’s: wear a polo. Slacks. Nice pair of jeans. Nice shirts. Sweaters. Suits. Keep it classy.

Guy Don’ts: wear basketball shorts. Wear a shirt with an offensive graphic on it. Have your boxers show.

Much love,
Angie Merici

Catholic YouTubers

Let’s face it, we all have those days where we spend hours on YouTube going from video to video to get a good laugh. But what if some of this time were spent growing in your understanding of the Faith? Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels to get you started. Feel free to comment your own favorites and to check out http://newcatholicgeneration.com/ for a wide range of other young Catholics.


I have been following her channel for quite some time, I have to say I really enjoy listening to what she has to say. Her passion really comes through in her videos and she covers a wide variety of topics ranging from apologetics to the Latin Mass, etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkOymBVsy8iNAuFw5hTOkyw


One of my newer favorites is SheSpeaksWithWisdom. She does a great job in keeping you updated on her discernment, which is helpful for anyone thinking about their vocation. My favorite video though is “Keeping the Faith in College”, probably just because its so applicable to my life right now! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgphczmerhnCAWw2riZc1xA


These two sisters are awesome. They make video on their devotions to different Saints and so much more. Their background knowledge and understanding of the writings of the Popes and Saints is well beyond their years. They definitely encourage me to keep digging into my faith! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjeGXXgpVIQf73VgCGx-2oQ

Steubenville Conferences

If you want to watch a talk by Mark Hart, Leah Darrow, Jackie Francois, or another great Catholic speaker, this is an all in one stop. It has talks from all these speakers at different conferences. My favorites are watching the Women’s Sessions by Leah Darrow and Jackie Francois! https://www.youtube.com/user/SteubenvilleYouth/featured

Jason Evert

You’ve probably already heard of Jason and Crystalina Evert, but I just had to include this channel anyways. Tons of great videos on chastity and Theology of the Body! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1LQwQZqwhPUwEbCqy-vLhA

Word on Fire

If you are in the mood to focus on a video with a greater amount of theology then I would suggest videos by Fr. Barron. This priest focuses on different issues in society, movies, Pope Francis, etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMjLgeWNwqL2LBGS-iPb1A

I hope you enjoy these channels! And remember there are so many more!

Comment with some of your favorite videos and channels!

God Bless!

Lucia J. Francisco