Mother Mary IS Biblical

Just the other day I was checking out a site that was completely un-Catholic. Besides the fact that everything they said was misguided and off, there was one post that really got to me (and I didn’t really know the answer to). The basic gist of it was Mary is only good for bringing Christ into the world and that Mary is un-biblical. Granted, bringing Christ into the world is not something to scoff at but as Catholics, we believe she is much more than that. After reading this article, I knew I had to find some answers. I wasn’t about to let this guy talk trash about my Mother! So my thesis statement is this: Mary is more biblical than we can even imagine.

Obviously Mary is mentioned in the New Testament countless times. The Annunciation, Wedding Feast at Cana, and at the foot of the cross are just a few examples (She is mentioned 14 times to be exact). Apparently that makes her un-biblical, but I guess this guy wants more. The funny (and awesome) thing is, Mary is all over the bible. The guy said that Mary brought Jesus into the world, that she did, thus making  her the center of the Universe! Micah said  that SHE is to give birth…and he will be the shepherd (5:2). Which is ironically quoted in Mathew 2:6. Isaiah 7:14, “She will bare a son and call him Emannuel”, meaning God is with us, also quoted Mathew 2:23. There are other examples, but what Matthew is getting at is this: Mary is the centerpiece of God’s plan. She is the long waited sign of the new covenant God is making with us now.

As you can see, Matthew is a big Mary fan. But Luke has some good stuff too. The Annunciation is a pretty awesome scene, if you haven’t read it please do. But who knew that the Annunciation and the dialogue spoken by the Angel, is fulfilling a prophesy. WHAT!!! Yes, the angel used the Old Testament to talk to Mary.

Luke 1                                                   Zephaniah 3

Hail,                                                        Shout for joy,
favored one!                                          O daughter Zion! .
The Lord                                                The King of Israel, the Lord
is with you….                                          is in your midst…
Do not be afraid, Mary                          Fear not, O Zion…
You will conceive in your womb         Your God is in your midst,
…[the] Son of the Most High                a mighty savior.

Mary is the Daughter Zion sent to save the People!! Isiah 62:11, Say to Daughter Zion, Your savior comes!!

In Luke, Mary says I am the handmaid of the Lord. Now I’m guessing you know what is coming next. In 1 Samuel, Hannah pleads for a son, (a barren woman). Three times she calls out “I am the handmaid of the Lord!” Her son Samuel, is a priest and a prophet, who anoints David as king, who is the descendant of Jesus Christ.

These are only a few of the awesome ways that shows that Mary is the sign for all generations. I would encourage you to look at the St. Paul’s Center for Biblical Theology Website. There are 6 lessons all talking about Mary in the Bible, I used merely a little from lesson 1. Mary is the center of salvation. As Catholics, we are extremely lucky to have the fullness of truth about our Blessed Mother. To anyone who says that Mary is un-biblical and unimportant, I would say, “Don’t mess with my Momma!”

Mary, take us in your loving heart so that like you, we may know and love your Son, Jesus Christ, even more!

To Jesus through Mary!

Vincent D